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So, how do you know you can trust us at Liberty Motors? After all, every other used car dealer is going to say the same thing. Well, we are family owned and operated. We aren't some chain dealership who is able to get away with just about anything. We do our business off of word of mouth. We pride ourselves in offering only the finest quality of services as we not only want you to come back, but we want you to tell your friends and family members about us. After all, the best way for a family business to last is to work with families.
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Buying a used car is all about trust. You need to know it has been well taken care of and it will hold up after you buy it. There are too many dealerships out there you simply are not able to trust. Buying a vehicle shouldn't be a crap shoot, wondering if you made the right decision or not. After all, while not used, you are still investing a good amount of money into the vehicle. Shouldn't you have peace of mind it is going to work when you need it and last you until you decide to go with a different vehicle? With Liberty Motors, you are able to find not only the best vehicle for your money, but you'll work with car care professionals you can trust.
We pride ourselves in putting everyone in vehicles when they need one. Sometimes situations occur that damage your credit far out of your control. Maybe medical expenses suddenly came up you weren't expecting. Whatever the reasoning behind your credit score, we don't hold it against you. Where other dealerships will just brush you aside and not help you, we are not that kind of dealership. After all, when you need a vehicle for work, what are you supposed to do when other dealerships just won't assist you? Well, we don't want that to happen. It is why, no matter your credit, whether it is fantastic or poor, we can work with you and help finance your vehicle with a payment you can afford. To end, we take trade-in cars for high end vehicles but we do not take older cars as trades. If you need to get rid of an old car you should trade it in here for cash, and then come purchase our car.

Whether you're looking for a domestic or foreign car, we have all types of makes and models. Plus, not only are we open during the week from 10 am until 8 pm, but we are also open on Sundays for your shopping convenience.